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EtherCAT is an industrial fieldbus widely used in industrial automation. It is an Ethernet-based protocol, standardized in IEC 61158, and suitable for both hard and soft Real-Time.

Master and Slave Devices​

On EtherCAT, there are master and slave devices. Often our customers need to implement master functionality using our computer on modules, thus requiring only a software stack.

If slave functionality is required, compatible EtherCAT Slave Controller hardware is also needed due to hard real-time requirements.

EtherCAT on Toradex SoMs​

Toradex does not support EtherCAT on its embedded Linux offerings out-of-the-box.

We have partners who provide EtherCAT master functionality for our modules, presented below.

acontis Technologies​

acontis Technologies provides several EtherCAT solutions, such as the EC-Master software stack, among other solutions.


The CODESYS Software PLC Solution offers an EtherCAT master software stack.

You can evaluate CODESYS on Torizon with the Partner Demo Container - Codesys.

Service Partners​

Our software partners for EtherCAT, such as, Triadem and Happiest Minds can help you to implement the best solution for your use case.

Open Source Libraries​

While open source solutions exist and you can consider integrating an open-source library such as Simple Open EtherCAT Master (SOEM), we recommend that you use a proven solution from our partners.

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