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EtherCAT in vacuum and industrial applications

Manufacturers of Vacuum Deposition systems are increasingly turning to software-based industrial PLCs. These PLCs offer a variety of benefits, including greater productivity, precision performance, cost savings, speed-to-market and the ability to add processes like motion control and machine vision in the future.

Because there are so many different Ethernet fieldbus standards available, it’s difficult to choose one. Adopting the wrong standard can mean unnecessary cost and sacrificing competitive advantage due to slower performance.

For the control and regulation of vacuum coating processes, data speed and integrity are crucial. EtherCAT has been designed especially for these kinds of applications and meets all demands for fast controls. EtherCAT is a high-performance, low-cost, easy to use Industrial Ethernet technology with a flexible topology. The EtherCAT Technology Group promotes EtherCAT and is responsible for its continued development. EtherCAT is also an open technology, so anyone is allowed to implement it.

EtherCAT is the fastest Industrial Ethernet technology, but it also synchronizes with nanosecond accuracy. This is a huge benefit in applications where the process is controlled via the bus system. The rapid reaction times work to reduce transition times between process steps. In this way, EtherCAT’s performance leads to improved efficiency, greater throughput and lowered costs.

EtherCAT delivers the features of Industrial Ethernet at a price similar to that of a traditional fieldbus system. The only hardware required by the master device is an Ethernet port, eliminating the need for expensive interface cards or co-processors. EtherCAT slave controllers are available from various manufacturers in several formats.

EtherCAT P is a new addition to the EtherCAT protocol standard. It enables not only the transmission of communication data, but also the peripheral voltage via a single, standard four-wire Ethernet cable. EtherCAT and EtherCAT P are identical in terms of the protocol technology, only the Physical Layer differs. By providing the power supply via the communication cable, EtherCAT P offers additional cost benefits and enhances numerous applications.

Alicat now offers EtherCAT compliant Mass Flow and Vacuum Controllers. We have taken the extremely fast response time of the Alicats and paired it with the speed of EtherCAT. The EtherCAT technology has been seamlessly integrated into the product family, along with other Profibus, Modbus and DeviceNet.

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