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PLC Technology Series

High-tech training to support local manufacturers

PLC I:    PLC Control Fundamentals 

This 40-hour module provides an introduction to the principles of operation and practical applications of PLC input and output devices used to control motors, solenoids, relays, and other devices controlled by the PLC. General principles of motor control- DC, single phase, and three phase.

  • Magnetic motor starters
  • Push-button control, relays, contactors & magnetic starters
  • Ladder diagram
  • Timing relays, counters
  • Pressure switches, float switches, limit switches
  • Two wire control, three wire control multiple push-button stations
  • Jog control, hand-off automatic control, drum switch
  • Basic sequence control
  • Reduced voltage starters
  • Introduction to PLC technology & introduction to VFDs

PLC II:   Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers

This 40-hour module covers programming ladder logic using timers, counters, retentive timers and master control resets.  Provides knowledge to install, program, and troubleshoot PLC systems.  Hands-on learning results in an understanding of the process for programming with Allen Bradley software (RX Logix 5 and RS Logix 500).

  • Introduction to types of PLCs and PLC components
  • Introduction to Boolean Algebra and numbering systems
  • Developing a working knowledge with AB software
  • Practical operation of the software and programming 
  • Inputs, outputs – XIC, XIO, latch, unlatch, OTE
  • RSLogix software and ladder logic
  • Introduction to SFCs (Sequence Function Charts)
  • Addressing I/O, data files, and documentation
  • B and N files
  • Timers: retentive, non-retentive, types & bits
  • Counters – type, bits and reset
  • One shot
  • Troubleshooting with PLCs and PLC Safety

PLC III:   Intermediate

This 40-hour module builds on knowledge gained in PLC II and provides additional theory and practical hands-on application in the PLC lab using RS Logix 5 and RS Logix 500.

  • Math functions in PLC programming
  • Data manipulation and messaging
  • Addressing formats
  • Sequencers
  • Introduction to PID technology
  • Interrupt Instructions
  • Troubleshooting using the PLC

PLC IV:   Advanced

This 40-hour module includes training with operator smart devices, encoders, busses, and status files using Rockwell software (RS Logix 5 and RS Logix 500). This course reviews the more popular bus communication technologies and how they interface with the PLC.

  • Review of PLC III topics
  • Operator smart devices
  • Status files
  • Introduction to encoders
  • Busses used with PLCs
  • Introduction to HMI and GUI
  • Troubleshooting using the PLC


This 40-hour module covers the ControlLogix platform and includes practical hands-on application.  Content includes tags, tasks, SFC, structured text, and function block programming. This module includes a comparison of RSLogix software (RS Logix 5, RS Logix 500, and RS Logix 5000).   

  • ControlLogix overview and hardware
  • Compare/contrast  RSLogix5000 to 500 and 5
  • Module configuration, communicate with I/O
  • Tag structures
  • Program SFC  and program structured text
  • Program ladder logic and function block diagram
  • Communicate with other devices
  • Motion- Servos
  • Troubleshooting using the PLC

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