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AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page

AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page

Note: This Landing Page primarily applies to the AKD-B, P, or T drives. There are other application notes and guides for KAS with PCMM and PDMM controllers on the Kollmorgen Developer Network. See those articles for details that apply to that platform.

Overview and Specifications



The Modbus protocol is a communications protocol that is based on a client-server architecture. It was created in 1979. In the industry, Modbus has developed into a de facto standard since it is an open protocol.

Modbus allows connecting a server and several clients, usually via Ethernet. Three different operating modes are differentiated for data transmission: Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP.

Each bus participant must have a unique address. In this case, the address 0 is reserved for a broadcast. Each participant may send messages via the bus.

Kollmorgen AKD Drive offers the TCP mode Modbus. TCP/IP packets are used to transmit the data. The TCP port 502 is reserved for Modbus TCP.

Note: The AKD-P-NxPN (Profinet) drive is the only AKD model in the family that does not support Modbus TCP communications.

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-Specifications and Update Rate

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AKD Modbus Training Powerpoint Presentation


Application Notes

  -Motion Tasking

     AKD Modbus Motion Tasking And Control

     AKD Motion Tasking Over Modbus TCP

     Saving The Motion Task Over Modbus

     Understanding MT.LOAD and MT.SET

     How To Configure Motion Task Using Modbus 64 Bit Parameters To 32 Bit Mapping


     AKD Jogging Using Modbus TCP

   -Fault Reading/Diagnostics

     How To Read AKD Fault Indication Over Modbus TCP

   -Dynamic Mapping

     Dynamic Mapping With AKD Modbus TCP

   -Special Registers

     Special Modbus AKD Parameters


     AKD Modbus Addressing And Troubleshooting

     Modbus Poll Software

     AKD Modbus MSG.LOG and MSG.DUMP


     AKD BASIC Units And Scaling

     User Units In The AKD BASIC Drive

     AKD BASIC Position Move Using Modbus

     AKI HMI to AKD BASIC Decimal Data Entry Example

     AKD BASIC Program Variables Access Over Modbus TCP Quick Start Part 1: Modbus Poll

     AKD BASIC Program Variables Access Over Modbus TCP Quick Start Part 2: Kollmorgen Visualization Builder

     Proface HMI To AKD BASIC

   -AKD with 3rd Party Modbus Masters ( i.e. PLCs, HMI, etc. )

     Modbus TCP Master List AKD1G

     Proface to the AKD BASIC

     Exor Panel to AKD Via Modbus TCP Communication

     AKD Motion Tasking With AB Micrologix 1400 PLC using Modbus TCP

     Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 to AKD Drive using Modbus TCP

     Trio Motion Controller Modbus TCP Communications to AKD1G

     Using Maple Systems EZWare Plus for Modbus TCP to AKD1G

     Automation Direct HMI Modbus TCP to AKD1G

     Red Lion HMI Modbus TCP to AKD1G


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